New Zealand Gardens of Significance

Author: Gordon Collier

Publisher: NZGT

“New Zealand Gardens of Significance” is a handy little guidebook to the best open gardens in the country, conveniently sized to fit in the glovebox of your car.

Taranaki should be especially proud of this book because out of the 64 gardens listed, 14 are local to our area which translates to 22% – a remarkable achievement. This book should be displayed in every accommodation place in our area with parochial pride.

Each of the gardens deemed to be of national significance standard is given a full page with colour photo, description and all the important details such as address and contact details, opening times, admission charges and website. Regionally significant gardens are given half a page each. Listings are alphabetical to each island rather than geographic which seems a minor mistake to me because people visit gardens geographically, not alphabetically. But I guess some regions have so few gardens that it would only be to Taranaki’s advantage to have its listings in a geographic group.

New Zealand Gardens Trust selects these gardens and is responsible for this handy little book. With backing from Tourism New Zealand, this is the only organisation which has the credibility to put forward these gardens as the best in the country and there is no differentiation between public gardens and the gems of private gardens which open to the public.

As a guidebook, it will have a limited lifespan but comes with a modest price tag of $12, which is not much for 64 pages and many glossy photos. It is a must for anyone who is keen on garden visiting or who hosts out of town visitors. It is distributed by mail order specialists, Touchwood Books.