Relish, Delicious Preserves for Modern Food

Author: Robyn Martin

Publisher: Chanel and Stylus, ($?)

I have an admission to make which is that this book went over to the neighbours who are Passionate Pickle Makers. I think it may have been returned somewhat reluctantly but they also kindly returned it with jars of Tomato Kasundi, Moroccan Peach Chutney, Onion Marmalade, Bread and Butter Pickles and Mexican Tomato Sauce. No you can not have these neighbours for yourself but you can go and buy this excellent recipe book.

The bottom line is that good home made preserves taste a great deal better than store bought versions and this New Zealand publication will whet your appetite to get into all manner of tasty preserves, both savoury and sweet. The recipes are straightforward and they work well (so I am told). I can vouch that they taste delicious.

The typeface is large; the photos by James Ensing-Trussell are mouth watering; the book opens flat which makes it easy to use. I felt mean taking back ownership of the review copy but there are options for all year round and I intend to try many more as time allows. Anyone for hot lime pickle, orange slices in star anise syrup, sticky date jam (soaked in hot tea and vanilla) or pickled pears? Some recipes are a delicious new take on old classics with interesting and appetising flavour combinations. Preserves are a great way to lift a plain meal or to make cheese and crackers more appealing. The seventy or so recipes in this book may be all you will need for the next decade. This book is worth owning and I will be buying another copy for my daughter.