Powerco Taranaki Garden Spectacular- day 2

Day 2 of our annual festival has passed. For us the highlight was having Guitarra playing in the garden – a wonderful blend of classical guitar with Spanish and South American influences. The gentle melodies wafting through the upper garden was a delight for garden visitors. At the time we had the Galston Garden Group from Australia visiting. I suspect there were a few ring-ins with them – can’t think that the Galston group has a catchment from Sydney to Perth.

Our Lloyd, the keeper of the carpark and manager of parking at peak times, kept the coach driver entertained.

The dogs had a busy day. Spike was an attentive participant in the conversation of one group of visitors.

Zephyr was more interested in joining another, well organised group for their luncheon in the carpark.

If you are in the area, admission to the garden during Festival is $12.00 or 3 x Festival tickets. Garden entry includes tea and coffee at this time. We are open from 8.30am to 5.00pm each day.

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