The Magnolia and the Maunga (or Mountain)

August 9, 5.07August 9 at 5.00pm as the sun is going down.
August 10, 12.38August 10, just after midday.
August 12, 9.45amAugust 12, at 9.45am.

Magnolia campbellii and Mount Taranaki, photographed from our garden.

IMG_3678At the risk of destroying the perception, this is the reality. In the bottom right hand corner, you can see the mountain which is at least 35km away from us. We do not have an alpine climate here – far from it, given that we grow oranges and avocados – but a zoom on my new camera is very good.

2 thoughts on “The Magnolia and the Maunga (or Mountain)

  1. Vaughan Gallavan

    Great pictures Abbie. It’s wonderful to be reminded of your glades and hedges of red Magnolias. Tikorangi is a truly unique and special place. All the best. Vaughan

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