Plant sales

This is not a commercial site. We are no longer selling plants. Since retiring from our own nursery, we are also out of touch with what is being produced commercially by other nurseries so are not up to date with recommendations on where to source particular plants.

Those cultivars of ours which are produced under licence (Magnolias Honey Tulip, Black Tulip, Felix Jury, Burgundy Star and Vulcan, Fairy Magnolias Blush, White and Cream, Daphne Perfume Princess and Cordylines Red Fountain and Raspberry Fountain) can be ordered through your local garden centre. Other Jury hybrids are on the open market, beyond our control, and we do not who may be producing them or even if they are still in production.

589 Otaraoa Road, RD43, Waitara 4383, New Zealand | Email: | Tel & Fax: +64 6 754 6671

39 thoughts on “Plant sales

    1. Abbie Jury Post author

      Ah no. Very little in the way of vireyas. We have pretty well phased them out of any production. And I am afraid I have no idea when I might have a list available. The further I get away from nursery work, the less appealing it is. All I can say at this stage is that we will be open for plant sales from Saturday October 20 to Sunday November 4 this year and we will have some plants for sale at that time…

  1. Elainor Whiffin

    Do you do mail orders to Christchurch -interested in ground cover Camellias and 1 for a pot full shade -any sugestions

  2. cherry11

    Hi Abbie. Will you have Black Tulip Magnolia for sale and if so, what do you think the price will be?

  3. Liz

    Would you have any Camellia lutchuensis for sale. They are wonderful for attracting tuis & bellbirds and we are trying to establish a bird friendly planting scheme

  4. Liz

    Thanks so much for your reply. Unfortunately we can’t get to your nursery in the near future, so we’ll have to pass on the chance.

  5. Karen Barlow

    Hi Abbie

    Would you have any Felix Jury magnolias for sale? If not do you know if they are sold at any garden centres. Thank you.

    1. Abbie Jury Post author

      Yes we have a few (and some quite large ones) but equally, plants should be widely available from garden centres. It is produced under licence by Growing Spectrum.

  6. Joanne Macdonald

    Thank you Abbie, such a shame, it is rather beautiful. Currently it is in flower in the Fragrance garden at the Wellington Botanical Gardens. Lovely little lemon daphne like flowers.

  7. sorina

    Hello my name is Sorina from Germany and I am interesting from som of oxalis and other bulbs or seeds from you . Is that posibile to by from you ?

  8. Debbie

    Hi Abbie,

    Jury’s Pearl is just gorgeous, but so so hard to find, am also after Apple Blossom Sun and Moon Moth, I am through someone able to purchase direct from wholesalers but do you know who has these ones, I am after 3-4 of each – I live in Auckland

    1. Abbie Jury Post author

      Dear Debbie,
      Short answer is we don’t know but rather doubt that any of those are available these days. While these are all cultivars bred by Mark, they are on the open market so we did not retain any form of ownership or control over them. And in this day and age when the range of camellias has contracted so far, it is not likely they are still being produced by anybody.

    1. Abbie Jury Post author

      Open from Labour Weekend with a limited range but no standard white camellias, I am afraid. We are strong on hostas, rare bulbs and some interesting perennials. Very little in the way of trees and shrubs now.

  9. Jim Blackman

    Hi Abbie
    Planning to move to Oakura from Auckland and would like to replace the Champaca and Alba we have in our garden here. I recall purchasing the Alba from someone out Waitara way – but not you guys – and the Champaca came from up North – Any ideas if they may be avail in New Plymouth and if so where?
    Jim Blackman

  10. sadrin franck

    Hi Abbie,
    I am a french gardener and I own the Prunus national collection here in the french alps.
    I have been working with the RHS in UK to gather all the Prunus species and cultivars we can (I went to Japan in 2008 and to the USA in 2013) and we have planted them in public parks (a university in north UK : Keele University, around a lake in France close to Switzerland) so everybody can enjoy their beauty in spring for free !
    More than this we have split the 300 different Prunus collection into 3 (UK, France, Belgium) so we are sure to preserve some trees from extinction (some Prunus from Matsumae, north Japan Hokkaido, are very rare for example).
    I had Prunus campanulata ‘Felix Jury’ from a friend of mine in UK, and I have now the double form bought in Japan… I saw you have other forms of this Prunus and may be many more… How would it be possible to get these to add them to our collections ?
    By the way we also have some of your beautiful magnolia in our nursery, Felix Jury made beautiful plants indeed…
    Thanks and regards from France,
    I hope i can visit your garden one day…
    Franck Sadrin.

  11. Colleen Butchers

    Hi Annie, Is it possible to get a kalmia nitmuck from you or where would be my nearest garden centre? I live on the Kapiti Coast.

  12. Valerie

    I shall try and find your Daphnes. Sorry to hear that you are no longer active but I hope you are enjoying your retirement


    1. Abbie Jury Post author

      If you are in NZ, the daphne should be in major garden centres in autumn/winter. We were like prisoners out of jail when we escaped the nursery work – quite happy just gardening, plant breeding and writing these days. ☺

  13. Jason George

    Hi, I read your post on your citrus trees…. You said the summers aren’t hot enough for blood orange to produce its red pigment… It actually needs a cold winter for the red pigment! A good difference between hot summer and cold winter helps…

  14. Susan lloyd

    Hi – I was googling the Rose Cymbelline as I’m very keen to buy this rose. Sadly no Rose Grower or garden centre seems to stock it these days.
    Would you have one for sale ( I ask hopefully?!)
    Kind regards
    Susan Lloyd


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