Jury plant hybrids

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The Jury Magnolias
The work of Mark Jury and, by implication that of his late father, Felix Jury, was recognised in 2003 with the presentation of the Todd Gresham Award to Mark by the International Magnolia Society. Read on

The Jury Camellias
With three New Zealand Jurys breeding camellias over a period of some fifty years, it is not always easy for the outsider to know which cultivars belong with which Jury. Read on

The Jury Rhododendrons
In the 1950s when Felix and Mimosa were laying out and planting the new gardens at Tikorangi, rhododendrons were a high prestige plant. Felix imported a number of rhododendrons, both species and hybrids. Read on

The Jury Vireya Rhododendrons
The love affair here with the somewhat exotic genus of vireya rhododendrons can be traced back to Felix Jury’s intrepid plant hunting trip to New Guinea in 1957. Read on

Jury evergreen Magnolias or Michelias
Mark comments that to get a plant on the market takes so many years that by the time it is finally released, he has long since moved on. The exciting stages here are the first flowerings on a new hybrid and the time when it is decided that a cultivar is good enough to put into trialling. Read on

Cordyline Red Fountain & other miscellaneous Jury-bred plants
Read more