Garden lore

The fair-weather gardener, who will do nothing except when the wind and weather and everything else are favourable, is never master of his craft.

Canon Henry Ellacombe (1822 -1916)

Feeding Plants

In climates subject to relatively high rainfall and torrential downpours, the timing of feeding plants is more important. All that precipitation leaches the soil and washes away fertiliser. Plants can only take up fertiliser when they are in growth so the optimum feeding time is spring. If you feed when they are dormant (and winter planting instructions usually include adding fertiliser in some form or other to the planting hole), much of the goodness will have washed away before the plant is ever ready to take it up. The soil does not store nitrogen readily.

For the same reason, it is really important to cover compost heaps in wet climates to stop the goodness leaching out with the run-off.

Published in the Waikato Times and reprinted here with their permission.