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“May I assure the gentleman who writes to me (quite often) from a Priory in Sussex that I am not the armchair, library-fireside gardener he evidently suspects…and that for the last forty years of my life I have broken my back, my fingernails and sometimes my heart, in practical pursuit of my favourite occupation!”

Vita Sackville-West (1892-1962)

Ready to use weed killer
Ready to use weed killer

It is so exciting, the rare occasions when I receive a free sample, even if it is weed killer. The garden writer’s lot is not blessed with an abundance of samples. This was Kiwicare’s “Direct Hit” in their Weed Weapon range – aka glyphosate (formerly known by its brand name of Round Up) combined with saflufenacil which gives it a much quicker response in killing vegetation. What makes it different to the earlier “Weed Weapon” (which came in a spray bottle like shower cleaner) is that this is an aerosol foam which means you can see where it has landed.

Does it work? Yes, it will kill most weeds quickly. Is it economical? I doubt it. I didn’t get a price but you will be paying for the convenience of having it packaged in a can like fly spray. Would I recommend it? No. And no again. Being a foam makes it much harder to control the direction of the application than a spray and I suspect the level in the can will drop very quickly. It is also vital to wear protective gloves because I doubt you can use this product without getting foam on your trigger finger. Gardening gloves are not protective gloves. You need disposables or dishwashing gloves.

What was frankly alarming to us (and Mark reeled in horror when I showed him) is that the foam looks like shaving foam or that cream substitute you can squirt from an aerosol. Children would find it simply irresistible. No matter how careful you are, we doubt the wisdom of packaging weed killer that way. If you feel the need of instant weed killer in your life, I would recommend keeping to the earlier “Weed Weapon” in the spray bottle.

First published in the Waikato Times and reprinted here with their permission.