May 25 2007 In the Garden This Week

It is wrap up time in the garden, preparing it for its winter sojourn. Keep dividing up clumping perennials and plants.

  • If you have a glasshouse or conservatory, it is seed raising time for late winter plantings of annuals. It is a great deal cheaper to raise your own if you can, than to buy potted colour. If you have polystyrene trays (the sort that mushrooms used to come in), they make great seed trays provided you punch many holes in the bottom. Raising seed in trays under cover is generally a great deal more successful than just scattering a packet of seed where you hope it will grow. Our heavy rains through the winter can wash away and cake the soil, making it difficult for little germinating seeds.
  • If you have seed raising capabilities, sow a crop of mixed salad greens or micro veg to provide tasty winter salads. A tray of these grown under cover is very rewarding.
  • Continue wrenching those large plants that you are root pruning in preparation for moving. You should be on to your final cut.
  • Sow down a green crop in any part of the vegetable garden which is currently empty. It suppresses weeds and feeds the soil.
  • You can still sow winter spinach from seed and plant out silver beet for spring eating.
  • If you have not done it yet, get on to the copper and winter oil spray on the citrus as soon as you possibly can. This is the most important spray of the year and done now, the plants may not require any further spraying in the winter.
  • This is a critical time to keep on top of weeds everywhere with the rash of autumn germination taking hold. The snails might be starting to hibernate but the slugs remain alarmingly active.