Real Gardening Real Easy. A practical guide for all New Zealand gardeners.

Author: Sue Linn
Publisher: Random House, $44.95

While this book was first released two years ago, Random House are still dispersing review copies which should mean that this New Zealand publication is still readily available.

The author is an experienced gardener and writer (New Zealand Women’s Weekly in case you are wondering why her name is familiar) based, I think, in Auckland. It is a solid 250 pages of information with many photos and competently written but its range is encyclopaedic – from garden design to hedges, making compost, choosing good plants, recommended cultivars, different garden styles, growing plants in containers and a whole lot more. Inevitably the information given is going to be pretty superficial in many areas and the plant recommendations eclectic, even random.

In a reasonably crowded corner of the book market, this is a nice enough option to give to somebody who is starting to find their way into hands on gardening. It should motivate the learner and give them sound, practical information to get them started, no matter in which direction their interests lie. It is not a book for more advanced gardeners.