The Piazzas of Florence

Author: Lisa McGarry
Publisher: Allen and Unwin (RRP NZ $39.99)
ISBN 978 1 7419 6089 1 hbk

This exquisitely presented little book is a slightly obscure and self indulgent little gem. It contains detailed descriptions of 12 piazzas in Florence, including fold out maps, originally executed in water colour by the artist author and all backed by beautifully marbled paper. The text gives a multitude of detail – historic, architectural and modern day minutiae. The author is a well travelled American who currently lives in Florence with her daughter and is besotted with the romance of the city.

This is more than a guidebook, though if you plan on spending a few days in that fair city, carrying it with you would certainly enhance the experience. It is a gently understated and beautifully presented book which would grace the shelves of anybody who either loves Italy or who likes to own quirky and appealing books.