The Faber Book of Gardens

ed: Philip Robinson
Faber, RRP$59.99
ISBN 0 571 22420 2

As readers of our regular In the Garden column will know, Mark and I have a penchant for quirky little garden books which are anthologies of quotes and hints. Sadly this Faber book is not quirky, is not little and despite sitting on the coffee table for weeks on end, it failed entirely to capture our interest. It is, however, an anthology of quotes and poems arranged by time periods from Eden to AD400 in chapter one through to modern times. But it is generally dry and worthy stuff, more reminiscent of a text book with hardly a heading and no illustrations at all. Many of the quotes are quite lengthy. Some of them are quite interesting so if you don’t your mind your reading unleavened, you may quite enjoy this book to browse. But it is not a reference book, it is unlikely to inspire, has little in the way of quirkiness and is more likely to sit forever in our bookcase, failing to excite any further interest.