And lovely is the rose, by Barbara Horn, illustrated by Sheila Galbraith

A modern, small format version of classic Redoute’s Roses, this is not although it tries to be. It is a collection of 50 botanical paintings of roses with facing page of information (a bit of history, catalogue style description and a little interpretation but nothing of note that has not been written elsewhere). But the success of this book was always going to rest on the charm and quality of the flower paintings. Unfortunately the quality of printing in this book, which appears to be privately published, is so poor that it is impossible to judge whether the artist has any talent or not. The paintings are on a grey background, washed out of colour and defintion and so fuzzy they must be out of focus. It seems a shame to go to all the effort to produce a book only to end up with such a dreadfully disappointing result.

Exisle Publishing ISBN 9780908988921