Tried and True – loropetalums

• Widely available from most garden centres.
• Evergreen shrub.
• Tolerant of a surprisingly wide range of conditions but may need protection from heavy frosts and strong winds.
• Burgundy forms give colour all year round. 

The wine red forms of the loropetalum are a particularly good recent introduction to this country


The wine red form of loropetalum (sometimes called the Fringe Flower) is a relatively recent introduction to this country and a particularly good one at that. It builds in layers and left unclipped it can reach two metres by two metres reasonably quickly. It is easily shaped but is rather brittle so will snap off in wind. We grow China Pink but there is a form called Burgundy and several others – all appear to be very similar and equally good with one exception. Shun Razzleberry if you find it on offer. It starts with good colour in spring but then changes quickly to a murky, dull olive green of no merit that I can see. The flowers on the burgundy forms are interesting clusters of shocking pink spidery petals and stamens but discreet, not showy. If you have a Singapore stopover and go to the Chinese gardens there, you will see all sorts of techniques with bonsai, clipping and hedging of the attractive loropetalum shrub.