Tikorangi Notes – June 4, 2010

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2) Friday June 4, 2010 It may be Arbor Day tomorrow but we don’t have a proud history in this country of valuing our trees in the landscape – Abbie’s column.
3) Friday June 4, 2010 Garden hints for this week as we enter winter.

The Theatre of the Banana

Tikorangi Notes
June 1 heralds the official first day of winter here but as a general rule, the worst of the weather doesn’t come until after the shortest day later in the month. July is the worst month, by August we are warming up again. So either it has been bad this week or we are just getting older because it has felt cold, bleak and miserable. Fortunately Mark has his bananas tucked up for winter in an edifice that I style as his Theatre of the Banana.

We can report that the dried michelia wood we are burning in our fire, cut down last year from what Mark has taken to calling his sustainable woodlot (aka reject seedlings from his breeding programme) is proving excellent. It neither splits nor splinters which is an interesting characteristic. Mark is now wondering if it has a future in cricket bats.