Tikorangi Notes: June 18, 2010


1) June 18, 2010 Camellia Diplomacy to breach closed doors in China in 1970 didn’t work, but the correspondence from Rewi Alley to Mark’s parents is pretty interesting forty years later – Abbie’s column.

2) June 18, 2010 The flowers of Dombeya burgessiae make a change to the more common camellias putting on a mid-winter show.

3) June 18, 2010 In the garden this week – recommended tasks from winter pruning, cleaning up pleione bulbs to the short directions on preparing an asparagus bed. Don’t forget to plant only NZ grown garlic.

4) Our annual garden festival at the end of October is still four months off, but gardeners around the province have preparations in hand and are counting down to Festival.

Mandarins - fetching winter colour in the garden

The winter sight of mandarins ripening in the garden here at Tikorangi never fails to delight me. My memories of my Dunedin childhood in the relatively deep south are of mandarins as a fleeting seasonal luxury to be treasured and savoured. I couldn’t believe the sight of entire trees dripping in the little orange orbs when Mark first brought me to his family home. This particular one is easy peel and productive but not the best flavour. However, it puts on a splendid visual display and combines well with the ferns, orange and yellow Lachenalia aloides beneath.

Rescuing the lawnmower from a watery slide

We are sodden here and entire days without rain are a rare treat, or so it seems after the last couple of weeks. Mowing the park yesterday, Lloyd managed to put our prized Walker mower in a slide which saw it in imminent danger of gently slipping into the stream. A chain and the tractor were called for. Roll on spring.