Tikorangi Notes: September 3, 2010

Latest posts:
1) It is a sign of the times when reticulata camellias in New Zealand become collectors’ plants.

2) Garden hints for the first official week of spring in the garden here.

3) Counting down to our annural Taranaki Rhododendron and Garden Festival which draws ever closer.

The pink and white blooms of Iolanthe are more to our taste

The pink and white blooms of Iolanthe are more to our taste

4) I do not, I admit, read women’s magazines as a rule. My experience is largely limited to visits to my doctor – an event that occurs about once a year. And it is clear that the surgery is on a permanent economy drive because their waiting room magazines are usually two to three years old and the recipes have long since been removed. But I actually bought the latest issue of the NZ Women’s Weekly at a massive spend of $4. This was because I wanted to see the gardening feature on rhododendrons which I knew quoted me and used a photo I had supplied.

But what really took my attention was the astounding craft section. Written by someone about whose identity I will preserve a dignified silence, this woman gives step by step instructions. Now, we give step by step instructions every fortnight in our Outdoor Classroom. But never, I hope, have we plumbed such depths as this step by step guide as to how to construct (should you ever need to) … wait for it… a basket for fresh eggs on your kitchen bench fashioned from a chrome deep frying basket and no fewer than 500 pink and white plastic drinking straws. Need I say more? I think not. You may prefer our step by step guide to how go about moving a large plant though admittedly we thrashed the Aloe thraskii in the process: Outdoor Classroom.

5) Camellia Diary 5 for the season.

PS – Sally Ridge, in case you are dying of curiosity as to who is responsible for the pink and white monstrosity described above.