Tikorangi Notes: Friday 3 December

Latest Posts: Friday, December 3, 2010

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Rhododendron sinonuttallii in all its glory this week

Rhododendron sinonuttallii in all its glory this week

Tikorangi Notes: Friday, December 3, 2010
We hurtled from a very wet and cold September (or so I am told – I was in the south of Spain at the time) straight into a very dry and mild October and November. We usually joke that three weeks without rain constitutes a drought in this green and mild area we live in. It is now two months since we have had any significant rain and there is none in sight. The garden looks more like late February. This is not weather we are at all accustomed to getting and there is growing anxiety in the rural sector. Notwithstanding that, the late rhododendrons have been flowering on cue and the R. sinonuttalliis have been a wondrous sight over the past week or two. Fragrance, big, beautiful pure blooms and astoundingly large, bullate foliage – what more could one ask?