Dreamers of the Day: A History of Auckland’s Regional Parks, by Graeme Murdoch.

This weighty, hardback tome is more likely to be a presentation book throughout its life than a best seller. Presumably the new Super City council will be quite happy to continue presenting it, even though it is clearly the legacy of the Auckland Regional Council. One hopes the new council will value these regional parks as much as those who were the original instigators followed by those who kept the dreams alive by protecting and developing these publicly owned areas. There are quite a few such parks ranging from the well developed Auckland Bot Gardens, through reserves at Muriwai and Long Bay to the larger tracts of regional parklands in the Waitakere and Hunua ranges, along with many others in between which are probably largely taken for granted. The author has meticulously documented everything and there are many photographs, both historic and modern, in a book that has spared no expense or detail. The book will be of limited interest outside Auckland but these records are important to have, if only to avoid corporate amnesia and to prevent a repeat of the era in the mid eighties which threatened the future of these valuable and valued open spaces. Open spaces are going to become more important in the future, not less, but possibly even harder to protect from the ravages of development.
(Random House; ISBN: 978 1 86979 332 6)