Tikorangi Notes: Friday 25 February, 2011

LATEST POSTS: Friday 25 February, 2011

1) The romance of the summer meadow garden and why, alas, they do not work in our climate.

2) Haemanthus coccineus in flower this week – a plant better known, perhaps, for its foliage than its paintbrush flowers.

3) Garden tasks for the last official week of summer and praise for the Japanese Black Trifele tomato.

TIKORANGI NOTES: Friday 25 February, 2011
No Tikorangi Notes today. This remains a country in shock with the Christchurch earthquake. No matter that it is quite some distance from us (different island, opposite coast and different faultlines). When the main issues remain the search for buried survivors, finding the missing (dead or alive) and, for the survivors in our second largest city, access to that most basic necessity of water, writing about our garden seems completely irrelevant.