Tikorangi Notes: Sunday 10 July, 2011

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3) Growing garlic based on Mark’s experience. I was going to say our experience but that would be the royal we. Growing garlic and indeed all fruit and veg is entirely Mark’s domain, as writing is mine.

It is persimmons set against the winter sky this week, instead of Magnolia Vulcan

It is persimmons set against the winter sky this week, instead of Magnolia Vulcan

Tikorangi Notes: Sunday 10 July, 2011

Winter in our neck of the woods tends to be wet but comparatively mild. This year has been particularly mild with the warmest May on record and a warm June to follow. But wet. We can continue to garden in all the fine spells and because we have such free draining soils, the ground rarely gets too sodden to work. And light is our other defining feature – we keep the same astonishing clarity of light all year here. Most New Zealanders take our blue as blue skies and bright sunlight for granted and it is not until you visit countries with very low winter light levels that you realise our winter light is quite extraordinary. It is what makes the magnolias so wonderful here and despite July being our coldest month, more magnolias and michelias are opening blooms. We usually have a wonderful display of the early red magnolias towards the end of July and then flower through to mid September (longer for the michelias).

In the rainy, sodden times, I have been getting to grips with social media – as in Twitter and Facebook. This is a challenge for me (and one which entirely bypasses Mark who does not even know where the on switch to the computer is located). I enjoy the brevity and simplicity of Twitter but Facebook has been a bigger challenge. However, we reached our magic number of 30 “likes”, as one says in Facebook parlance, so we now have our own designated url: facebook.com/thejurygarden It takes a certain amount of mental energy and time to manage all these on line connections but it does appear to be the way of the present and maybe the future. Facebook seems to offer a good platform for current pretty pictures. If you feel inclined to visit our new facebook page and tick the like box, it apparently helps in establishing a profile beyond just our standard webpages.