Tikorangi Notes: Friday June 8, 2012

Latest posts: Friday 8 June, 2012

A distinct flurry of new posts this week.

1) In praise of ornamental oxalis (or wood sorrel, if you prefer). Contrary to popular opinion, not all oxalis are bad.

2) In the garden this fortnight – mostly about bulb meadows.

3) Pruning roses made simple. We may not spray our roses here but I do prune them.

4) The Bad Tempered Gardener from the Welsh borderlands. An interesting book by a contact made on Twitter. Truly, I am so delighted that my time on Twitter is not all in vain.

5) I had been wondering (in a somewhat desultory way, as one does) what would be the next hot vegetable trend when the penny dropped: Cavolo nero (Tuscan black kale) of course.

6) Plant collector this week are the inverted icecream cones of Picea albertiana ‘Conica’.

7) At last, a reference on organic gardening without the smoke and mirrors. It us just a pity it is geared to English gardening conditions. Organic Gardening Bible by Bob Flowerdew reviewed. Does not the author have a wonderful name?

9) Nothing to do with gardening and all to do with food with lashings of history and culture: The Food of Spain by Claudia Roden.

Two weeks from the shortest day - time to cover the banana

Two weeks from the shortest day – time to cover the banana

While it is only two weeks until the shortest day, winter has yet to bite here as can be seen from the lilac tree dahlia at the top. Indeed when it snowed heavily in Christchurch a few days ago, our temperature was still in the warm teens (Celsius, dear American readers, we measure our temperatures in Celsius). But in anticipation of cold snaps that we know will come, Mark has finally got around to re-erecting his Theatre of the Banana. This particular fruiting banana is the one and only plant we wrap up for winter. Really we are not that warm but he tells me that there are a few fruit forming on it and I am sure he is aiming for us to achieve self sufficiency in bananas at some time in the future.

Done. I call it the Theatre of the Banana

Done. I call it the Theatre of the Banana