Tikorangi Diary Friday August 31, 2012

There is rather a lot of Iolanthe looking glorious

There is rather a lot of Iolanthe looking glorious

It is magnolia time here. All the mid season varieties are opening now, including the original Iolanthe beside our driveway. As this tree now measures over 15 metres across, there is a whole lot of Iolanthe on display. If you are planning a garden visit to see the magnolias, do not delay. Our garden is open every day. If we are not around, there is an honesty box.

1) Plant Collector this week is Corylopsis pauciflora – a dainty primrose yellow witch hazel which is but a fleeting seasonal wonder here, though delightful while it lasts.
2) Move over Martha Stewart. The new generation has come of age in the world of gardening and lifestyle. Lynda Hallinan’s book on a year of country living is a cracker.
3) Garden lore this week – a quote from Anne Raven on the frustrating nature of a day’s gardening and some advice on using wood ash as fertiliser.
4) More feeding tui, this time in Prunus Te Mara. Another brief YouTube clip.

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