Garden lore

Labour Weekend is the time honoured occasion for getting the bulk of summer vegetables planted in this country, particularly those which require the soil to have warmed up a little. If you prepare the beds as soon as possible and leave them without planting, there should be time enough for the first crop of weed seeds to germinate. If you then push hoe these on a sunny day, you will save yourself quite a bit of weeding later. You want to catch them just as you get the haze of green showing. If you have enough time to allow for two flushes of weeds before planting, so much the better.

“These are most anxious times on account of the slugs. Now every morning when I rise I go at once to the garden at four o’clock and make a business of slaughtering them till half past five, when I stop for breakfast.”

An Island Garden by Celia Thaxter, 1894

Such dedication!