Her last butterfly (of the season)

018It is a somewhat gloomy grey and damp day here today, brightened by a knock at the door. There stood a woman, slightly abashed. She had read a piece I wrote recently about monarch butterflies and decided that we were better placed than she was to offer a good home to her last monarch of the season. It had hatched last night and was yet to fly. This little delivery involved a drive of at least 20 minutes to get here (and presumably the same to get home again) but we are not going to discuss the carbon footprint.

What a lovely ray of vibrant colour this butterfly offers, perched on the discarded sasanqua camellia flowers I was photographing yesterday. When he is ready to fly, he will find some friends over on our butterfly hillside. I was charmed.

2 thoughts on “Her last butterfly (of the season)

  1. Philippa Foes-Lamb

    That is quite simply delightful and warmed my heart!!! Only brief rain here this morning – about 15 minutes worth if that! I’m coming up to New Plymouth on June 18 for 5 days and was wondering if I could pop in to see you. As a fellow garden writer/passionate plantswoman I’d love to meet you again.. we have met before but I’m not sure if you remember me?

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