Conversation on Radio Live


Luculias left to right: gratissima ‘Early Dawn’, pinceana ‘Fragrant Pearl’ and pinceana ‘Fragrant Cloud’

Fava beans (dried broad beans)

It appears common to call dried broad beans fava beans

I will be back on the radio at 6.30am this Sunday morning, talking gardening with Tony Murrell on Radio Live. It goes to air live (yes I do drag myself out of bed at 6.15am to make a cup of tea in anticipation) so the topics covered may range widely but it is likely that we will be talking about broad beans, luculias, pruning wisterias and high maintenance plants. And garlic, again. If you are worrying about how to prune your wisterias, I put up a step by step sequence here. 

Sasanqua camellias

Sasanqua camellias

I can understand that many may not be awake at 6.30am on a Sunday morning, but the segment is subsequently put on line. Last week, we discussed the glyphosate controversy, planting garlic and strawberries, what is currently blooming (sasanqua camellias, Cyclamen hederafolium and the montanoa or Mexican tree daisy) amid a fairly free ranging conversation.


The montana in bloom this week

Cyclamen hederafolium

Cyclamen hederafolium is just past its peak but has been flowering since January