Rubbish in the magnolias

This particular view of our place is one enjoyed by the neighbour’s cows

I headed out this morning to photograph the view the dairy cows that surround us get at this time of the year. Very pretty, it was too. Our property is in dairy heartland, for those of you who do not know this area, so largely a green landscape of rye grass.

Tied neatly in a bag

But why, of why, do people think it is “tidy” to tie their rubbish into a neat plastic bundle to throw on the road verge for somebody else to pick up? This is not a rare event around here. Do these people not realise that the plastic that they discard will not decompose? Either somebody else has to pick it up or it will lie there, breaking into smaller bits, until a flood comes through to sweep it downstream out to sea where it will kill turtles, fish and seabirds instead.

A preponderance of high energy drinks and snacks. Some are even gluten free.

A forensic analysis of the contents shows a disproportionately large number of high energy foods and drinks which suggests that, in this case, it may have been recreational cyclists that discarded this bundle. There is a cycle trail that runs along that road. In which case, shame! Shame! Shame! You get out on your bike to enjoy the beautiful countryside which you proceed to despoil. Cyclists do not have this unlovely attribute to themselves, however. It is more commonly thrown from cars. It appears that we live about the distance from the city that it takes to completely eat a takeaway meal from MacDonalds, Burger King or KFC. We know this because we often pick up the waste from our road verges.

What is wrong with these people? Could they not just open their eyes, smile at the flowers, sniff the scent-laden air and take their rubbish home with them?

The view of the other end of the property

7 thoughts on “Rubbish in the magnolias

  1. lorraine blaney

    Yes! people are disappointing aren’t they. We had to take the Land for Wildlife sign off of our front gate as folk must have thought- “hey, these landowners like animals” so thrown out of their car were their unwanted cats, dogs, roosters, geese, ducks, snakes and one time a rabbit( which is forbidden to have here in Queensland.) We have had dozens of poor discarded animals dropped on our property over the years and the ones we cant catch usually die a horrible lingering death from hunger or predation. And we do get trailer loads of rubbish strewn along our tree lined country road as well.

    1. Abbie Jury Post author

      That is grim! We conclude that the oxygen weed in our stream came from folk emptying their aquarium into it and we get the occasional abandoned cat but mostly it is plastic rubbish galore. People can be really awful.

  2. John Kingdon

    Lucky cows to have a view like that! Around here, we don’t get much rubbish thrown around (or if it is, the local Council collects it swiftly). The usual decoration is little green bags tied to fences, trees, shrubs. Never just thrown on the ground, always tied to something. I’ve even seen a bag tied to a vehicle’s door handle! I suppose that additional act makes dog-poop-scoopers feel they’ve done their bit. There is a man nearby who, if he sees someone tying a bag, will quietly untie it when they’ve walked away, follow them home and pop it through their letterbox. He says he’s just returning their lost property!

  3. Eileen O'Sullivan

    Dont understand it either. Out of sight out of mind perhaps. I am trying increasingly to avoid plastic bags and coffee cups for which there are obvious and available alternatives. I read today that Kigali in Rwanda is plastic bag free – I wonder why NZ has not made this obvious move.

    1. Abbie Jury Post author

      We have made a concerted effort to reduce the plastic in our lives with some success. But yes, I see a number of countries banning single use plastic bags. We used to be proud to be trailblazers in NZ but it seems that we are now lagging well behind and reluctant to take steps on either environmental issues or climate change.

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