RIP little Albert

Just last month, I introduced you to Albert, our visiting piwakawaka. Albert was the type of companion who liked to announce his presence but, being a very small bird, we didn’t really notice when he wasn’t present. So, we didn’t worry when a few days passed without a visit. No alarm bells rang for us, so to speak.

Sadly, Albert had extended his house visits to the upstairs bedrooms and became trapped in one of them when the door was closed to keep the house warmer on a cool night. I found him, passed away on the bedspread yesterday when I went to open the windows.

Albert alive would, apparently, have weighed no more than 8 grams. Deceased and dehydrated, he weighed little more than a cluster of feathers. It was poignant. I was sad. Mark was sad when I brought the little body downstairs. I buried him in the garden where I was working. Small of stature he may have been, but he deserved dignity in death.

Such an exuberant little life filled with energy and chatter snuffed out.

8 thoughts on “RIP little Albert

  1. Judy

    Dear Abbie & Mark
    I’m so sorry for you both to hear of Alberts mishap, devastating for you.
    What a paradise he enjoyed though, through your family’s creation, for bird life and humans alike – Kia kaha xx

    1. Abbie Jury Post author

      I don’t want to over-state the case, Judy. We felt sad and we felt responsible for his death but not to the point of being distraught! But thanks for your sympathy.

  2. robynkiltygardensnz

    You and Monty Don together, when his iconic dog, Nigel died suddenly the other day! Although I have to say Monty’s Nigel. was a pretty major loss for himself, his fans and his programmes!! But thats not to lessen the sadness when you found your little feathered friend expired on your spare bed! I get a lot of Piwakwaka too, my garden in urban Christchurch. They come down from the Southern Alps after the first snows, and love bathing and darting here and there, flicking water about on the shelf of my pond which is just the right depth for them.
    You might be interested in checking into Noel Kingsbury’s Garden Masterclass and Tea Garden Talks on utube. He’s going to chat with me via Zoom on 18 May – it’d been pre- recorded

    1. Abbie Jury Post author

      Our little Albert is hardly in the same league as Monty’s Nigel!
      Thanks for the heads up on your session with Noel.

  3. Jude Wood

    oh so sad about Albert. Very elegant of him to expire on your lovely bedspread. Sweet little guy.

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