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Plant Collector: Narcissus x Odorus

The heady fragrance of Narcissus x odorus

The heady fragrance of Narcissus x odorus

I wish you could smell this lovely daffodil. It has the most divine scent which is commonly found in the fragrant jonquils (or N. jonquilla as they are known botanically). That is because this one is a natural hybrid which was found in the wild in Southern Europe, a cross between a jonquil and N. pseudonarcissus). It is pure bright daffodil yellow (otherwise known as acid yellow) with a very short trumpet surrounded by a skirt of wavy petals in the same colour. While the flower isn’t large, it is held up on relatively tall, wiry stems. The number of blooms to each stem can vary from one to three. They appear to be totally sterile which prolongs the life of the flowers. As the foliage is fine, this is a narcissus that passes over quite gracefully.

If you search out as many different types of daffodils as you can find, you can extend the season from mid winter through to early or mid spring rather than having them all come in a flash over a week or two.

First published in the Waikato Times and reprinted here with their permission.