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An award, not a rum deal.

I am thrilled to accept the ALCOHOL SPRONSORSHIP PRESS AWARD for the week, administered by NZ media star Steve Braunias, for my work on the Penguin and Tui story (More Bad Penguin). It is not that we are rum drinkers. It is just that I think it might be the greatest highlight in my writing career to date, supplanting my pride at being voted second most popular writer (beaten only by the TV reviewer) in the local paper some time ago. Fame and rum await, if not fortune.

Tikorangi Notes: Friday March 4, 2011

It must be autumn. The Cyclamen hederafolium are flowering again.

It must be autumn. The Cyclamen hederafolium are flowering again.

Latest Posts:

1) To say that we were simply amazed to see that Penguin is reissuing the Tui NZ Fruit Garden in May would be an understatement. Same cover, same author. This is the book they withdrew from sale extremely quickly a year ago when the massive problems of plagiarism and inaccuracy were pointed out to them. Presumably the text has been reworked because the early blurb refers to it being in conjunction with a panel of industry experts. It is to be hoped that industry experts include people with extensive personal experience in growing these plants at home throughout the country and not just the commercial producers who want to sell their plants. That aside, it is astonishing that Penguin appear to think that sticking with a discredited and blitheringly ignorant author is just fine. Are we really meant to have such short memories?

2) Alcantarea regina (or is that geniculata?) in flower this week.

3) Garden tasks for this week as autumn officially starts.

4) The third part in our series of step by step compost instructions – this time making cold compost which is the common technique for home gardeners.