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Reopening the garden after seven years

The Rimu Avenue

It’s official, more or less. We are reopening the garden later this year but just for the ten days of the Taranaki Garden Festival.  If you have been hoping to visit, those dates are October 30 to November 8. After seven years of being closed, it feels the right time to open again but for strictly limited periods of time.

The old garden remains more or less as visitors from past times may recall – the Rimu Avenue, sunken garden, rockery, avenue gardens and other house gardens.

No longer mown park, now a meadow

The park has been transformed to a meadow over the past seven years.

Opening the new summer gardens for public viewing

The new summer gardens are ready to be seen. We refer to these individually as the borders, the court garden, the caterpillar garden, the Iolanthe garden and the lily border (although the lily border will just be lily shoots in November). Collectively, these are close to an acre of sunny gardens planted predominantly in perennials.

We will offer a series of garden tours and workshops to be scheduled at that time – details to follow.

There will be no plant sales – we are well and truly over that and no longer produce any plants except for our own use or as part of Mark’s plant breeding programme.

We are hoping to be really busy for those ten day and it will be a pleasure to meet some of the regular readers of this site.

Powerco Taranaki Garden Spectacular update

Iris sibirica and Jovellana punctata

Iris sibirica and Jovellana punctata

Blue cammasia

Blue cammasia

There are a mere three days to run for this year’s garden festival – the Powerco Taranaki Garden Spectacular. The pattern here has been very busy mornings and much quieter afternoons. Tomorrow is the last of our guided walks at 11am – the popularity of these has become a standing joke here. The agreement is that if there are under 10 people, Mark will lead them, over 10 and it is mine. So far, this year and last, they have all been mine. Mark is now threatening to pressgang unwilling participants should any look to fall short of the magic 10. It was closer to SIXTY on Tuesday. That was a minor challenge.

We are open from 8.30am until 5.00pm daily. Admission to the garden during Festival is $12.00 or 3 x Festival tickets. Garden entry includes tea and coffee at this time. We are open from 8.30am to 5.00pm each day. Plant sales continue until Sunday only.

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