This week 10 Nov 2006

  • If, like us, you have had your garden open take some time out to drink coffee, tea or wine and enjoy your own garden. You can pick flowers now without feeling you are stripping the display. My celebration is usually to pick an armful of roses.
  • Start deadheading rhododendrons. It makes them look tidier but also stops them setting seed and encourages them to set flower buds for next season instead. They set their flower buds on the new growth. If you want to prune old plants back very hard to rejuvenate them, now is the time to do it but you are unlikely to get flowers next year.
  • Deadheading perennials, annuals and roses encourages the plants to extend their flowering season.
  • If you are still planting trees and shrubs, try and plunge the whole rootball into a bucket of water (with or without the pot on) and leave it until bubbles stop rising. Despite the rain, some end of season plants can be a bit root bound and once they dry out, it is very difficult to get them to absorb water.
  • If you are growing strawberries, they need to be netted in if you want any sort of harvest. As soon as they start showing red, the birds will find them faster than you.
  • Continue picking asparagus but you only have a few weeks left.
  • Successional planting of summer vegetables such as lettuces, peas, dwarf beans and corn should be continued but you are probably too late now to get peas in for Christmas dinner.