This week 17 Nov 2006

  • Clematis are rocketing away. Make sure they have something to climb up, especially the more rampant varieties which may smother an inadvertent host plant. The same applies for other strong growing climbers, particularly wisteria and tecomanthe speciosa which have the potential to rip the spouting off your house if you turn your back for too long.
  • If you are laying mulch on your garden, it pays to get rid of the weeds first. Mulch has to be super heavy duty to kill weeds which are already growing.
  • Continue deadheading rhodos.
  • Watch for nasty greeblies on your roses, ranging from blackspot to aphids. If you don’t spray roses, you need to ensure they have good air circulation around them and remove diseased foliage and slushy blooms to stop disease and insect infestation getting away on them.
  • Last chance to plant celery this season in order to have it ready for winter.
  • Now is the time to plant out brussel sprouts, either seeds or plants. Brussel sprouts are one vegetable which is significantly nicer picked fresh from the garden rather than them making a long detour from grower through the supermarket to your kitchen. They do better in a cold climate where they would have been sown in September but in our warm(ish) conditions there is still time to establish good strong plants.
  • Plant leeks now if you want good strong plants for next winter. It is the last chance for starting them from seed. If you leave it any longer you will end up with micro veg or baby leeks (which are possibly easy to cope with than baby brussel sprouts).
  • Now is the time to plant those kumara plants you have already started under cover.
  • Spray grapes now for mealie bug. Confidor and oil appear to be the recommended spray. Orthene is very good if you still have it but you now need a chemicals licence to buy it.