Orchids, A Practical Guide to Care and Cultivation

Author: Michael Tibbs
Publisher: New Holland

Orchids are one of the largest family of plants with over 25 000 separate species which makes them a bit of a challenge. They tend to attract the real enthusiast but it isn’t always easy to know where to start. While there are many orchid books around, this recent release is a sound introduction for a novice.

It covers the basic botany and growth requirements and has fifty useful pages at the end covering the main groups of orchids classified by temperature requirements. Orchid enthusiasts tend to favour growing in pots under cover as opposed to using them as garden plants and this book reflects that focus. In fact there is nothing much at all about growing them outdoors in a garden situation but there is certainly enough basic information to get the hobbyist started.

A large format hardback with many attractive photos, this book is likely to motivate anybody who has more than a passing interest in these exotic and complex flowers.