March 14, 2008 Weekly Garden Guide

  • It is harvest time. Don’t delay on getting the onions in lest they start rotting or going back into regrowth, which they will do as soon as it rains. Main crop potatoes should be lifted as soon as they are ready. Pumpkins and melons should also be maturing and are best picked, not left to lie in the open.
  • As crops are cleared in the vegetable garden, it is a good opportunity to have a general clean-up and to sow a green crop if you don’t intend to replant immediately. Green crops replenish the soil, add texture and nitrogen. At this time of the year, our preference is for lupins, oats or ryegrass which will be dug in by springtime.
  • Most winter vegetables should be in the ground by now though you can still continue sowing all the brassicas and leafy greens such as silver beet and winter spinach.
  •   If you can keep water up to them, you can start sowing fresh lawns and over sowing bare patches. Cover fresh sown areas with bird netting or old shade cloth to protect the germinating seed.
  • Don’t delay any longer on lifting and dividing spring bulbs and garden centres should have their best selections of dry bulbs in store now.
  • It is a good time to start dividing up perennials but make sure that you water them in as you replant. Perennials perform best if you lift and divide clumps every two to three years.
  • If you live in a colder area and have sharply clipped hedges, don’t leave it much longer before you give them their last trim before the end of winter. Clipping them forces them back into growth and it is that soft growth that can get frosted.