Latest posts, Friday August 27, 2010:

1) The pristine purity of a pure white flower, and sweetly scented too: Rhododendron veitchianum.
2) Britain’s very own Expert on Everything and traditional country crafts of England – Abbie’s column.
3) Is it fair to describe bonsai as the bondage and discipline sector of the plant world? A bonsai demonstration (not by us) and other tasks in the garden this week.
4) Our annual garden festival draws closer by the week – counting down around the province.
5) The hardiest vireya we know – the saxafragoides hybrids of Jiminy Cricket, Saxon Glow and Saxon Blush – tried and true plants.
6) Sometimes optimistically referred to as the money plant, or the jade plant, Crassula ovata a tried and true option here.