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I am not usually one for sharing social media memes but today, I make an exception. They say far more succinctly than I can what needs to be said about climate change.

Thank you Joel Pett. Mark is of the view that it matters not one whit whether people believe in climate change or not because only an idiot could think that we can continue trashing the planet as we are and not suffer catastrophic consequences. We MUST change our ways. Urgently.

And for those of you who find it all too much, thank you Olga Evans.

We have made major changes in our own lives here, to reduce our carbon footprint and consumption. The issue that worries me at a personal level is air travel, exacerbated by being a New Zealander. For us it is four hours and two flights to get over to our children in Australia (all our three children live in different east coast Australian cities), about twenty five hours in the air to get to the UK or Europe (and another twenty five hours to get home again). That is one where I am pinning my hopes on new technologies to reduce the impact of flying.

In the meantime, I am listening to the young people who are mobilising on this matter. I would much rather listen to them than to older folks (mostly, but not all, old men) who last studied science back in their high school years fifty or sixty years ago but who have found some dodgy website that backs up their complacent world view, no matter what the majority of the world’s scientists are saying.

Change is coming. Massive change. The planet does not care whether you or I believe in climate change. The longer we insist on continuing the status quo, the more shocking that change will be.



3 thoughts on “About climate change

  1. Tim Dutton

    Totally agree with what you say. We do what we can, but are very aware of the number of internal combustion engined vehicles and tools we use that are no longer deemd to be environmentally suitable. Most of them have no battery-powered alternative available on the market yet and where any do, we currently cannot afford the ‘green’ alternative. Perhaps over time things will change in this regard, but for the moment we are stuck.

    1. Abbie Jury Post author

      I wondered if I would lose any subscribers over that post but just one has gone! We feel the same about the tools we use. And have debated long and hard over the car. We only have one modest car and are very low mileage these days so we figure that when we next need to change cars, we will go electric. But with our very low mileage and a totally reliable, tidy, 20 year old Toyota, the carbon footprint of going electric on principle would be higher than just keeping the status quo.

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