Tikorangi Notes: Monday 6 June, 2011

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1) What does your lawn say about you? (Subtitled: a plea for sustainability in lawn management). Abbie’s column.

2) Plants that Delight – a reprint of an article featuring my seven favourite plants in the latest Weekend Gardener – although a cynic might suggest that this is in part the seven plants for which I had good photos. When Mark is asked what is his favourite plant/magnolia/michelia/camellia/rhododendron, he is inclined to reply: “Whichever is in flower this week.”

3) Tikorangi Diary No. 2. What we have been doing in the garden last week, including praise for our big walnut, Freshford Gem, and a lament for what has happened to the garden pages in our local paper. My ruggedly independent advice for garden tasks for the week has been replaced by garden tasks as recommended by a local garden centre: you need three different fertilisers when planting your roses. I have not heard of chitting garlic prior to planting before and you are meant to get out and spray all your deciduous plants with copper now to hasten leaf drop. We blenched at the prospect in a garden our size. Besides, I rather thought deciduous plants dropped their leaves when they were ready to. My beloved Plant Collector has been replaced by a shopping reporter. My columns and Outdoor Classroom have been replaced by low grade stories about people who have gardens of some description but no particular skills and no interesting insights. Sigh. Serves me right for having an argument with the deputy editor.

Luculia pinceana Fragrant Cloud

Luculia pinceana Fragrant Cloud

Tikorangi Notes: Sunday 5 June, 2011

How lovely is the luculia? Well relatively lovely if it is the garish little, candy pink Luculia gratissima Early Dawn and particularly lovely if it is the wonderful Luculia pinceana Early Dawn or Fragrant Pearl.  These somewhat tender Asian shrubs are a feature of our early winter garden.

Alas Mark found the first instance of camellia petal blight today – in a japonica. It seems to appear earlier every year. We have never seen it in sasanquas and I was a little surprised this week to hear of claims that in warmer climates, sasanqua camellias are susceptible. We would really like to hear confirmation from anybody who has actually seen it in sasanquas (as opposed to having heard reports of it). We had thought that these Japanese camellias were resistant. Blight has certainly never shown in ours and we are reasonably eagle-eyed on the matter.

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