Plant Collector: Rosa Mme Plantier

Scented, healthy and lovely in every way, but only once flowering - Mme Plantier

Scented, healthy and lovely in every way, but only once flowering – Mme Plantier

It has taken years, nay decades, to get a name on this pretty old rose but finally a visiting rosarian sorted it out for us. Mme Plantier is in the oldie but goodie class. It is currently smothered in fragrant white flowers, like soft pompoms measuring about 7cm across. The buds (and there are many more to open) are soft pink but that colour disappears entirely as the flower matures. Add in two more highly desirable characteristics. Basically it is thorn and prickle-free and it is so healthy that it keeps good foliage right through to autumn without ever having seen even the faintest hint of spray.

What is not to like? It is only once flowering and these days the majority of the buying public demand that roses repeat flower. We accept that a rhododendron may only flower for 3 weeks but woe betide any rose that fails to throw up blooms for 6 months. We must get close to 6 weeks from Mme Plantier and her all round performance is so good that we are happy to live with that.

The doyen of English roses, David Austin, has Mme Plantier on his recommended list and notes that it is a cross between an Alba and a Noisette. This may mean more to readers who are better versed in rose species and classifications than I am. All I can say is that it is a top garden variety in our experience.

First published in the Waikato Times and reprinted here with their permission.

2 thoughts on “Plant Collector: Rosa Mme Plantier

  1. Michael Garrett

    Talk about timing. I’ve been trying to buy one for a few eeks and have been interrogating Google; and here you have a comment! I bought a Plantier rose quite some years ago for a house I’ve since sold. I’ve been looking to buy another for a long time for a new garden and have not found it easy – maybe i could have looked harder. Being on good terms with the buyer of my house I decided to ask if I could take a number of cutting a few weeks ago (which she allowed) and now they seem to have taken root, judging by the sprigs of new leaves showing – hope I’m not ‘counting my chickens..’. I also saw the reference on the Austin site which renewed my pleasure in possibly having these again. The courtyard in the last house was full of a sweet luscious scent and knowing they can be allowed to grow to a climber is a bonus; add to that an absence of thorns and it a treasure. Some may wish it had a longer flowering period , but the pleasure there is in looking forward to it’s flowering season is sweeter I think. Almost like Christmas: we’d hardly want that lasting for a month, well not me for one!

    1. Abbie Jury Post author

      Have to admit I went away for a week and in my absence, it rained heavily. Came home to find Mme slushy blooms. Probably better in a drier climate than ours.

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